My New Project

11 Sep

Once upon a time, I gave advice to a parent who had asked my opinion on an issue regarding his daughter.  When I finished my suggestions, which were based on several months of observing and interacting with the child, the parent turned to me and snidely asked: “Yes, but, do YOU have children?”

In a few months, it will be time for me to put my money were my mouth is, as my husband and I set out to become parents for the first time. Follow my adventures in Montessori parenting at my new blog – Baby Bewley Blog!  That blog was set up for our families and friends to follow our pregnancy, but I’ll be including many posts on natural pregnancy and childbirth, as well as child development topics (with links to them from this blog to keep my subscribers updated on new posts).  I hope you’ll join me here and there!


Pilar Bewley



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