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Your OB-GYN sure does have big ears…

11 Feb

One more reason to have your baby at home or in a birthing clinic…


My Favorite Zurich Moments

9 Feb

I don’t know what kind of incentives the Swiss government offers its population for having children, but there are kids EVERYWHERE in the elegant and exorbitantly expensive city of Zurich!  Here’s what I’ve seen this week…

– The city parks are over-run with tiny tots, younger than three, wearing reflective vests and snow suits, and running around while two daycare workers watch placidly from a bench.

– Tons of Elementary children take public transportation and walk to school by themselves.

– Mothers breast-feed in coffee shops, rarely using a nursing blanket.

– I almost got run-over by an apparently self-guided stroller (I could’ve sworn it was rolling by itself down the street and almost threw myself on it to stop it).  When it passed me, I turned to look behind it and there was a 3-year-old pushing it, with mom walking about six feet behind.

But my favorite Zurich moment thus far:

– A teacher showed an eight-year-old boy how to do long division with the Racks and Tubes while breast-feeding her six-month-old (minus nursing blanket, obviously).  None of the other 24 children in the classroom batted an eyelash.

I celebrated quietly. 🙂


For your weekend reading pleasure

5 Feb

While I make my way to Zurich, Switzerland for a week-long Elementary observation at Rietberg Montessori Schule, enjoy these beautiful and inspiring articles from!

Putting Children First: A parent’s guide to understanding the importance of limits.

Adding to Octodecillions: How children will consistently exceed our expectations… if we let them.