It CAN be done!

6 Nov

I have posted in the past about the overwhelming amount of plastic toys children seem to have nowadays (the average child gets 70 toys per year).  I’ve also worried about how I will manage to keep to a minimum the amount of gifted plastic toys in our household when I have children of my own.  Commenters have discussed how their efforts to minimize commercial toys have been thwarted by well-meaning friends and relatives who give these less-than-ideal items as gifts.

But, much to my relief, one of my favorite bloggers has proved that it CAN be done!  You CAN control what type of gifts your child receives, you CAN create awareness for your child and your close ones, and you CAN make a positive impact in the lives of others while doing it!  Head on over to About a Girl and read about simple but AWESOME birthday gifts that keep on giving…

Here’s how she handles requesting birthday gifts from friends and family…

And here’s the type of gifts she and her husband provide for their child…



3 Responses to “It CAN be done!”

  1. Marcy November 7, 2010 at 8:58 pm #

    70 new toys a YEAR? Wow. We’ve been lucky– many of the gifts we get from family are books, most of them pretty decent quality. My dad does love buying D new toy cars and trucks, but it’s been manageable so far. And as much as I am often tempted by the idea of buying him new toys just for fun, I’ll then see him so incredibly entertained by a box, or jumping in puddles outside, or (one of his favorite activities) digging in the dirt with sticks or an ice cream scoop (yes, really)! lol

  2. about a girl November 8, 2010 at 4:11 am #

    Thank you for featuring my post. We had a wonderful birthday and party and everything was so special. My mom and I spent ages making the decorations which we can use year after year. I love the idea of making birthday traditions so that my daughter will have something really special to look forward to every year. I also made birthday bags for her for each year which have something special from that year like her first shoes, a letter to her from mommy and daddy and a little photo book. This way she can look at each of the bags on her birthday. I’ll be posting about this later I’m sure.

    He he I don’t know if my husband would agree with you on the marimba being a simple gift to make though!!!
    Hope you are doing well. Would love to hear what you plan on doing after your training.

  3. jessica November 17, 2010 at 12:19 am #

    marcy, a long time ago you had a photo up in your flickr of D in the garage of some friends. i snagged the photo (i was pregnant) and sent it to many of my friends and family asking “What the hell is this???” becuase of the amount of toys in the background. i’m so out of the loop. i couldn’t get over it. i still don’t think i’m over it. i’m in for a surprise in a few years i guess.

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