What Teachers Make

29 Mar

One of my favorite “nothing-to-do-with-Montessori-but-somehow-strangely-related-to-everything-I-do” blogs is the one written by Seth Godin.  He combines all of my passions – entrepreneurship, organizational psychology, writing, and just plain common sense – into short blog posts that pack a punch.

He posted this video, and by the end of it I was standing on my chair, yelling “YESSSS!!!!!”  I dare you to watch Taylor Mali recite his poem without getting at least a little excited and pumped up.

(Warning: there’s a crude, if common, finger gesture towards the end of the video.  You’ve been warned.)

Mali also has a book, in case you’re interested.


2 Responses to “What Teachers Make”

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  2. pooja April 3, 2010 at 4:36 am #


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